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How to Post An Ad

If you have a fabric that you are trying to find there are two ways to get it on this page. They are:

1.) Send a scan - The scanned fabric image must be good enough to make out the details of the fabric. Send the image as a .jpg file in an email message.  Please keep the size of the .jpg file under 2MB in size.  My email client will not reliably download anything larger than this.  If you do not know how to reduce your file in size and still have a good scan, look at our How to Reduce the Filesize of your Scan page for instructions.

***2.) Send an actual swatch by snailmail- You must send me a swatch (2" square at most unless it is a big print fabric) of the fabric that you need. Please be sure the swatch is large enough to find in the envelope and also large enough to show the detail of the fabric.  Send the swatch to:

Tricia Knox
ATTN: Missing Fabrics
2700 E. Valley Pkwy, #264
Escondido, CA 92027

The following MUST accompany EACH swatch or scan:

Please, don't cut and paste this list. Just come up with an ad that has all the info I suggest you have in it (if you have it). DO NOT include your email in the text for the ad. Put that separately at the very end. More on this later.

1.) your email address (No ad will be placed without a valid email address)
Include this email address in the body of your message -- I cannot always obtain an email address from the email header. 
2.) how much of the fabric you need
3.) as much information as you have about the fabric such as who made it, the name of the print, and when you purchased it (example: Les Jardin by Hoffman, purchased 2 years ago at AQS show in Paducah, KY).
4.) All fabrics will be assumed to be 100% cotton unless otherwise specified.
5.) SASE if you need your swatch back
6.) A $1.00 charge for your ad if the ad is placed via U.S. Mail..  If you are not from the United States your ad is still at no charge.
7.)  Info on where you got your scan (if you are including one).  If you took the scan from a web page PLEASE let me know!

Don't have a swatch? No problem. I can scan the image in from a block that the fabric is in (you must send me a SASE for this so that I can return your block promptly), or from a very good photo of the fabric (must show good detail of the fabric).  Email for details on items larger than block size.

Even if you have sent me an email with details on your swatch I still need all of the above information included to insure that the swatch is listed promptly and correctly. I am attempting to post ALL materials to the page within 72 hours of receipt.  Scheduled updates occur only twice a week (On Tuesdays and Saturdays) so please be patient when reviewing the site for your post.

If you have any questions or concerns please email with them.

How to Add your Missing Book, Magazine or Tool

Email me with the pertinent information and I will post it on the page as soon as possible. For books, I need the name of the book and the author (and if it is out of print). For magazines I need the name of the magazine and the issue number or month (ie. QNM #255). For a tool I need all of the information that you can supply in order to let everyone know exactly what it is you need. I also need your email address for each item you need (if you don't have an email address I need the email address of someone who is willing to be your go-between).  Please do not ask us to post ads asking for a photocopy of a copyrighted item.  This is illegal and we will discard your request.

Okay, I want EVERYONE who posts to feel COMFORTABLE posting. Over 4 years ago (yes I am slow updating this page) I started doing something called obfuscating email addresses. What this means simply, is I take the email address you send me and I turn it into computer code. Your computer knows how to handle this and turns it back into "English" when you click the email button. By doing this your email address is NOT on the page or in the coding of the page and the spider-bots that roam the internet grabbing email addresses so they can sell them to someone who wants to fill your inbox with spam can't grab your email from Missing Fabrics. You are safe. You can use your home email address and the only emails that come from Missing Fabrics are from PEOPLE who click on your post to email you. If you feel safer using a "throw-away" email account, like Yahoo, Gmail, etc. then by all means continue to do so.


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