Royal Dreams in A Grape Arbor

This is my latest quilt.  The pattern is called "Mosaic Dreams" by Maureen Whitmer.  I was one of Maureen's pattern testers for this quilt.  Being a pattern tester was loads of fun, sure hope she asks me to do it again!  I used a white on white for my lightest fabric, then two purple fabrics, one a medium, the other a dark medium, a black with purple grapes and leaves, and two greens for my contrast.  This quilt was a breeze to do, thanks to Maureen's instructions!

Royaldreams3.JPG (54564 bytes)

My purples look kinda bluish, but they are really purple!  I love BIG quilts and this one is definitely that!  The top is folded over the railing, but mirrors the bottom of the quilt.

Royaldreams2.JPG (56354 bytes)

I just love all the pinwheels and the hearts that were created!

Royaldreams1.JPG (62905 bytes)

A close-up!  There are the hearts...and the pinwheels!

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