Mariner's Compass Medallion Quilt

My favorite quilts have to be star quilts, with the Mariner's Compass being my favorite pattern.  So, when I saw the book, "Mariner's Compass Medallion" by M'liss Rae Hawley I knew I had found my next project.  This one is still in work, I have a few more borders to do.

mariners2.jpg (23825 bytes)

My quilt is different from M'liss's book in that I added some borders.  The mountain border beneath the stars I hand drafted and paper pieced.  My trees are also paper pieced, as are my lighthouse and the lighthouse' keeper's house.  My flying geese are also different as they are made the 3-D way.  Wish the colors had come out better, but thanks for holding it up for me Bobby!

quilt14.jpg (26917 bytes)

Here is the completed quilt top.  The compass is done in a gold , a light purple, a dark purple, and a dark red.  The center is a lighthouse fabric.  Around that is a border of flying geese in blues, purples and reds.  Then comes a narrow border of light blue and a wider one of the white-on-white fabric that is used throughout this quilt top.  Next comes a border of mountains in purples on top, with yellow and gold stars above.  The sides have a forest of trees done in many different greens.  The bottom has a rail fence that links the Lighthouse on the bottom left to the Lighthouse keeper's house on the bottom right.  A flotilla of sailboats drifts by on the sea below.  The lighthouse and the Lighthouse keeper's house are both done in red brick with black roofs.  The sailboats are colorful with their sails of many colors.   The sea is calm, with gentle waves.  This is all bordered with a narrow strip of the light blue again, then a wider strip of Moda purple marble.  Unfortunately, the colors just don't show as well as I wish.

quilt6.jpg (30574 bytes)quilt2a.jpg (29355 bytes)

quilt7.jpg (31408 bytes)quilt10.jpg (31526 bytes)

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