162 UFO Cats On the Bed

Okay, I admit it, it is a strange name for a quilt, but this is not a traditional quilt!  This one is currently a work in progress.  When done there will be 162 cats surrounded by the X-Philes fabric that came out last year.  A very bold quilt for a very special lady, my oldest niece, Mary.  Hope you like it Mary!

ufo1.jpg (20242 bytes)

ufo5.jpg (23561 bytes)

The top picture is just a section of the quilt.  The lower picture is the quilt on the bed.   Bright and bold isn't it??

ufofinished.jpg (70768 bytes)

This is the quilt hanging in a quilt show here in Chattanooga.  Didn't win any awards, but boy did it get a lot of attention!  Still don't know why!  Will soon have pics I hope of Mary's face when she got the quilt.  The pics won't do justice to how she looked and acted, but hopefully they will show some of it!

marywithcatquilt.jpg (46332 bytes)

Ahh, here we have Mary happily examining her quilt while I watch.  The expression on my face?  Well, see, Mary's mom, my sister, "pigs" Mary every Christmas.   This particular year I got to "pig" Mary.  Two of the cats were made with fabric that had pigs in pajama's....and Mary is about to find one of them!!!

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