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My puppy ate my back chair cushion on a wonderful chair. I am looking for 2 yards of either of these fabrics. I don’t have any information about them except I got from my designer in Jackson, TN about 11 years ago. Thanks for any help that I receive!!!! 1/7/2018 31267

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I am in need of this fabric or something very close to it. I want to say its a blue paisley fabric, cut into rhombus shapes and sowed. I would need at least 3 yards. It’s a very old blanket that I want to fix for my boyfriend before he comes home from army basic training. He loves this thing but every time I fix it, it rips again. Please help me find my missing fabric! 1/7/2018 31266

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Need 2+ yards to surprise my aunt with as birthday gift of this fabric she and her mother made a toaster and kitchen mixer cover for in the 60s/70s. It's her favorite fabric ever because it was her "first" fabric for her first projects. Unfortunately, because the fabric is so old and there was no extra or saved selvages I know NOTHING about it and am hoping someone might just recognize it. It is from the 60s or 70s, but that is all I know. It's faint in the pictures, but the boxes of plants/food have words identifying what the items are. Thank you 1/7/2018 31270

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Need minimum of 1 yard, would like 2 yards. Purchased about 2 years ago; currently not available at shop in Prosser, WA. Think it might be poppy panache pattern with 1 ½ inch poppies 12/31/2017 31258

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I need this fabric 12/31/2017 31255

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I am trying to find this design. Do you have any information on it? 12/31/2017 31260

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