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Windham Fabrics China blue24267-1 I need 2 yards to finish kitchen curtains 2/18/2018 31416

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I am looking for the fabric in the image attached, any amount would be welcomed. It is from Windham Fabrics, Mary Koval's Lady Liberty line from around 2005 (#20951-Red). The image was taken from Windham's fabric archive website. 2/18/2018 31417

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Robert Kaufman "Mini Delights" playing cards fabric D#4980 , I am looking for some of Robert Kaufman Mini Delights playing cards fabric D#4980. This fabric has a black background with playing cards tossed all over. (Please see the attached image.) Thank you so much in advance for the efforts of everyone involved! 2/18/2018 31419

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I started a quilt with the center square of every nine patch block cut from this cloth. I had purchased it off eBay and did not realize that it would not be easy to acquire more. I have seen the smaller version of the ladybugs available on Etsy, but not this particular version. Sadly, I have no information about the fabric itself Any assistance in finding more of this material would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for considering this request! 2/18/2018 31420

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I'm looking for the birds and berries print fabric used in this quilt. There are several different kinds of birds, with blackberries. The fabric dates from 2010 or before. 2/18/2018 31418

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I'm trying to recreate this dress. I've never created a dress by hand before so I'm rather lost. I've been looking for days to find a similar fabric(s) to the image below. The one I'm in most need of and struggling to find is the black 3D flower design covering most of the dress. If anyone could recommend the other fabrics I would need to create this dress, feel free to let me know. But my main need is the black flower fabric. Thank you! 2/18/2018 31404

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